The Action Plan has been prepared by a steering committee on behalf of Quenington Parish Council with support from the Gloucestershire Rural Community Council. The Plan has been endorsed by the Cotswold District Council and adopted by Quenington Parish Council. The Parish Plan is based solely on views and ideas expressed by residents of the Parish.

The Quenington Parish Action Plan has been prepared in order to meet two objectives:

  • To involve people, if they wish, in the development of their own community by bringing about those small improvements that residents feel are necessary to enhance or maintain the quality of life we live here.
  • To carry weight with local authorities when formulating policy which may affect us and with funding organisations to which we may apply for grants.

Volunteers needed to help with Parish Plan: The Quenington Parish Plan is due for review and volunteers are needed to help with this process, which involves working with councillors to refresh the existing plan and prepare a new consultation for residents to have their say. Please contact the clerk on or 750000 if you would like to be involved. 

A copy of the current Quenington Parish Plan is available below: 

Quenington Parish Plan

The area of Quenington Parish is shown on the map below.